Process // Sustainability
We are concerned with the sustainability of our projects at all stages.

In the design phase, we think through our eventual fabrication process to ensure we make the best use of materials. Knowledge of the availability and common sizes / lengths for certain types of lumber or metal components allows us to build low-waste solutions directly into the design, or provide suggestions on how to adapt an existing design for more efficient use of materials.

We strive to source local materials and patronize and partner with nearby businesses whenever possible. In this way we not only reduce emissions related to the transport of materials and services we use, we also contribute to the local economy.

Even with sustainability built into the design and fabrication process, we continue to be conscious of our use of materials when we build. We generate very little waste in our shop, and when scrap metal or lumber is generated, we take care to reuse or recycle these materials.

We have also had the privilege of working on GreenPoint Rated and LEED Certified buildings, and we're experienced in the material sourcing requirements and documentation needs of these types of projects.