Services // Custom Design
We're often asked by our clients to come up with practical solutions for challenging situations. Whether our client is an architect, designer, contractor, or individual homeowner, our design team can handle any challenge they toss our way.

Construction Details: We develop detailed shop drawings for everything we build, regardless of whether we're building something from a complete set of plans or a rough sketch. Our shop drawings allow us to see and resolve any potential issues before the first cut is made, so there are no surprises down the road.

3-D Rendering: Sometimes a client comes to us with a concept so cool that we can't possibly do it justice with a two-dimensional drawing. We can bring complex ideas to life with three-dimensional modeling. No funny glasses needed.

Motorization: We can also help you make things move: doors, gates... a painting. We can integrate movement into any design, blending in the mechanics with minimal impact to the overall aesthetic. Our custom-designed motorized mechanisms look beautiful (or fade beautifully into the background) and work flawlessly every time.