Services // Fabrication
Fabrication is the heart of what we do.

Scalability: We take on projects large and small. In fact, our business is set up that way, because we genuinely enjoy working on many different kinds of projects. It keeps us fresh and on our toes. So while we have the capacity and experience to handle multifauceted, complex projects on large sites, we are also thrilled to take on smaller jobs that challenge and intrigue us.

In-Shop: With a well-equipped shop that most of us call a second home, we have the ability here to fabricate pretty much anything you can dream up. We always try to do as much fabrication as possible in our shop. This way, we minimize disruption to a job site or private home, and avoid tying up valuable onsite space. 

Other Materials: Forgive us for waxing poetic about metal and wood. Those are our first loves. But we do work with other materials when the situation calls for them. We've integrated glass, stone, leather, acrylics, and recycled materials to great success, and routinely get fired up about new materials when they come along for the right project and application.